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About us:

Udyoga Srishti is an initiative to bring about change and give voice to the concerns of the unemployed youth of our country. At a time when the unemployment rate is possibly the highest at more than 50 million that our country has seen in decades, it is time to raise our voices and unite against a common foe. Thus, Udyoga Srishti is our answer to ignorance and empty promises.
The initiative is a part of the Bharat Jodo Yatra, which started on 7th September from Kanyakumari, will pass through 12 states and culminate in Jammu and Kashmir - covering a distance of nearly 3,500 kilometers in a time period of 150 days. The Yatra will span a distance of 511 kilometers in Karnataka for nearly 21 days, going through Chamarajanagar, Mysuru, Mandya, Tumkur, Chitradurga, Bellary, and Raichur. Join us in the Yatra to get a chance to talk to Shri Rahul Gandhi about the unemployment among the youth as we strive to fight for what is rightfully yours.


  • Did you know that in the past one year, out of 7.7 lakh posts across state government departments in Karnataka, 2.4 lakh posts are lying vacant and no initiative has been taken to fill them?
  • Did you know that as of April 2022, unemployment rate among women is 7.7% in Karnataka?
  • Did you know that in Karnataka, out of the 2,099 posts of Assistant Agricultural Officers, only 400 were filled? And each of these officers were assigned to look after two-to-three-gram panchayats.
  • Did you know that last year in Karnataka, the suicide rate in farming sector was 19.9%?
  • Did you know that after the infamous PSI scam, not just one but multiple scams came to light including scam in Karnataka Power Transmission Corporation Limited (KPTCL), scam in Government First class colleges for the position of Assistant Professor among others?
  • Did you know that in 2021, unemployment rate among graduates and postgraduates was 19.4%?


Udyoga Srishti will enable you to meet Shri Rahul Gandhi who will interact with the youth participating in Bharath Jodo Yatra. This is an opportunity for the youth of Karnataka to come forward and register so that we can help by finding solution to the problem of unemployment and for job creation.

Shri Rahul Gandhi will be greeting the youth at -

Chitradurga - Hiryur and Raichur

ಭಾರತ್‌ ಜೋಡೋ –
ನಿರುದ್ಯೋಗ ತೊಲಗಿಸೋಣ, ಸುಭದ್ರ ದೇಶ ಕಟ್ಟೋಣ

Bharat Jodo –
Let's get rid of unemployment, let's build a safe country



As our country struggles with unemployment having more than 20% of the youth unemployed currently, Udyoga Srishti aims to provide you with a platform to meet Shri Rahul Gandhi and voice your demand for more employment opportunities.

Yes, every Kannadiga who is employed or unemployed can register with us.

No, Shri Rahul Gandhi will meet and interact with the youth at the designated places - Raichur and Hiriyur.

Time and the location of your choice will be communicated to you via SMS/WhatsApp.

Udyoga Srishti is an initiative by the Karnataka Pradesh Youth Congress Committee and presided over by its President Shri Mohammed Haris Nalapad.
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